Session Schedule

  Session Dates:

Summer Session is near! 

This summer we will be running 2 session. Summer session 1 will run from June 7th Thru July 15Th and summer Session 2 will run from July 19th thru September 2nd. Registration is open for summer and schedule and prices are posted! If you have any questions on what class to register for please sene us an email. If you would like to try one class at no charge to see if gymnastics is something youd like you are welcome to do that! 

Closed Monday July 5( Schdule a make- up in office) 

July 26th- July 29th ( no makeup needed) 


4:15-5:30                            Boys Progression
5:00-6:30                            Progressive Advanced 
5:30-6:00                            Parent Tot 

5:30-6:15                            Run, Jump and Roll

6:00-7:00                            Beginners 1
6:00-7:00                            Beginners 2

6:15-7:00                             Achievers 


4:00-5:00                          Beginners 1
4:00-5:00                          Beginners 2

4:00-5:30                          Progressive Advanced
4:15-5:30                          Boys Progression
6:00-7:00                          Dance Tumbling


4:15-5:30                          Boys Progression
5:00-6:30                          Progressive Advanced 
5:30-6:00                          Parent Tot 
6:00-7:00                          Beginners 1
6:00-7:00                          Beginners 2

9:00-9:30                          Parent-tot
9:30-10:30                        Beginners 1
9:30-10:30                        Beginners 2
10:30-12:00                      Progressive Advanced