About Our Team Programs

We currently offer a variety of teams including USAG and MAGA programs! We offer level D.P. 3-10, Xcel Bronze- Diamond, and 2 MAGA teams! Our competitive season runs from October thru March while training year round. For more information on our teams email [email protected] we would love for you to join the MAGS family 


D.P.  Program 

By invitation only, the Women’s Developmental Program is designed for gymnasts uncommon drive to progress as a competitive athlete. It takes gymnasts through designed and structured progressions intended to give each athlete the opportunity to reach the highest levels in this sport. This is the program has a stronger personal and financial commitment along with stricter requirements.


XCEL Program 

By Invitation only, the womens XCEL Program is an alternative to the J.O. program offering individual flexibility to the gymnast. The goal of XCEL is to provide gymnasts with varying abilities and commitment levels. Occasionally, it may be possible for a gymnast to transition from the XCEL program to the J.O. Program if she meets the requirements and her committment to the sport.  



MAGA is designed for girls interested in transitioning from recreational gymnastics classes into a competitive team program. Less rigorous than the USAG Program with a smaller weekly time and financial commitment, MAGA offers gymnasts the ability to train year round and participate in the world of competitive gymnastics while leaving time for other interests and activities. 



Pre-Team is an introduction to a structured practice before joing a competition team. Listening skills are required. Practice is offered 4 days/week. Gymnasts can attend up to 3 days/week and must attend at least 2 days/week. Pre-Team will participate in approximately three meets in April and May. Age of gymnast in this class is 5-8 years of age.